Inauguration’s Top Techie

In the spring of 2007, Mark Jablonowski ’10 set out to get involved in a presidential campaign. He ended up spending the summer working for Barack Obama in New Hampshire, knocking on thousands of doors and making thousands of phone calls in gearing up for that state’s primary.

And then the campaign got wind of Jablonowski’s considerable technical and management skills.

On leave after one year at Colby, where he had planned to be a government/philosophy double major, he soon jumped from field intern to become the Obama campaign’s information technology director for New Hampshire. After New Hampshire, Jablonowski was moved to campaign headquarters in Chicago, and then on to key primaries in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. At each stop, he was charged with helping to put in place all of the equipment and systems for what was by most accounts the most technologically advanced presidential campaign ever.

The Obama campaign is widely acknowledged for its pioneering use of the Internet for raising money and communicating with supporters. Making much of that possible was behind-the-scenes work done by Jablonowski and the tech team.

“Blackberries, laptops, servers, copiers, fax machines, coffee makers—anything with an electrical cord.”

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